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Which Broker can I trust?

A lot of newbie traders ask me which is the best broker to get started with and what winning strategies should they follow. If you are in the USA Bee Options is the only broker we have ties with who provide a $50,000 free unlimited demo account which is crucial to your success. For our European traders GT options provide us with the same service. .

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The 5 Golden Rules Of A Successful Binary Options Trader

5 Golden Rules OF A Successful Binary Options Trader

shock image

There are many pitfalls and factors to consider carefully when trading binary options. 95% of all traders especially newbies lose. Here are the top 5 most important rules we have put together to help you when starting out:

1. Demo Accounts

For the first 2-3 days only trade a demo account.  Once you have deposited monies contact your account  manager and request they open a demo account. Trading a demo is essential to discovering who you are as a trader. Are you a 30 sec, 60 sec, 2 minute, 5 minute or 10 minute trader? Do you enjoy the stress of a 30 second trade or feel more comfortable trading over 10 minutes or even 10 day? Only by trading 50 – 100 trades will you find out what works for you and what does not.


2. Broker Bonus

Brokers will offer you starting bonuses of up to 100%. Do NOT take them. What they do not tell you is in order to be able to withdraw funds you will need to trade volume of between 15-30 x the bonus value ie if you receive a bonus of $1000 and the multiple is 15, you will have to trade your account to $15000 before  withdrawing any funds.      


3. Patience & Discipline

When you start the tendency and human instinct is to dive in and start trading. Avoid this. Work through your demo account and take a  few of Francos trades but as a rule stick to being patient. Set yourself a daily profit target ie $500 and when you reach it, close your  computer and walk away. The most successful traders know when to stop.


4. Broker tips

Our advice is do not take them. Do not take them by phone, by email or by text. Most of them will lose are designed purely to inject fresh funds into your account. That is the the broker’s job.


5. Non Trading Days

Respect the DX breaks, 11am EST when Europe closes and above all be careful on FOMC days. The market is too volatile and stay away. Too much can go wrong on these days and professionals stay away.



How Useful Are Binary Options?


Many people work hard every day to keep up to date with the world and to actually understand how it works. Their jobs might be the best for them but some people are still unhappy with their jobs and that is absolutely understandable. Most people keep doing them because they can earn money and that is the only thing they want to do with the profession they are currently employed in. There is nothing people can do about it really and, therefore, most of them become stuck in the loop. profit loss

Many others become the innovators and throw the stability away to look for something that excites them more and allows them to actually spend time with their families and not spend countless hours at work without any real pay or any real meaning to the job. That is why many people look for a job online or, as it should be explained, they look for a job they could do while being online or being at home more than they have been the past few months or even years. Binary Options Auto trader is one of the possibilities, even though they do not always work. People have seen the advertisements but they know that these systems are about as honest as the next Binary options Bullet review is. And that is not always something people are ready to trust because some of their friends have already noticed that these do not work. Most of the systems are just average. These claim to be working but then the person tried them out for real and the actual result is absolutely not as they have planned it to be.

However, the is something that when put into the search engine goes to the and it is a totally different website, This system allows people to spend two hours a day at their computer screens, learn everything about the system and the system has proven to be actually working. People have left testimonies about the way how The Definitive Source For Binary Option Traders actually works and they have admitted that they did not believe it at first but when Franco’s Binary Options live trading system was tried out, it proved itself to really be working.

That also showed most clients that people should not trust everything they see but only the things that others have testified to as actually working. And these things have proven themselves more than once to really be working. trade in the sunThere is the time to change the lifestyle people have been stuck in and it is worth a try. Spending fewer hours at work and more hours with people who actually matter while being the good guy and becoming the ruler of the workday. It is easy to loose  passion for work but there are people who can help and there are people who can help with online solutions for many problems. And investing in this option might become one of the best things that has happened to people in a while if not in years and years.

Binary Options Jobs


In the Binary Options industry, there are many ways for people to get into the industry and make their way to a comfortable job that they can make a binary options career out of. However, knowing the different ways that people can get into Binary options trading jobs is something that anyone with a business degree can do with relative ease.

man writing

Propelling oneself through the binary options jobs market is something that people can do to allow for their career to naturally evolve so that their earning potential can grow and grow over a longer span of time. There are plenty of ways to get started, but each of these starts can lead to something much more profitable and exciting in the future.

The Back Office

The back office jobs in the industry are the best way for people to get started in the industry. Binary options support staff get a chance to learn everything about how the office works and how the industry operates. Also, the back office worker is able to make connections in the industry that they cannot make without their job. Rather than shooting for the top right off the bat, it is much easier for the binary options worker to learn what to do by taking an entry level job and learning the ropes.

People who get hired in the back office do not necessarily have to have college degrees. In fact, people who are in college may have a great experience working in the back office while they are getting their degree.

Moving Up

As people move up in the industry, they will have a chance to either make their way through the corporate ladder of their company, but they can also change jobs and go to different companies. The binary options industry job stats state that there is a great deal of movement in the industry. For every person that gets promoted at the company they started with there is someone who changes jobs and goes to a different company.

By the time someone has made plans to move up in the company, they will need a business degree to satisfy the requirements of other jobs in the industry. In fact, many of these people will go out and get an MBA to ensure that they are more qualified than people who are applying for the same jobs.

This means that the people in the industry can expand their options by always looking for jobs and trying to focus on making sure that they are in a place where they believe they can earn the most money and have the most impact on the industry. Some people will be content to make their way to another company if they believe they can make more money and feel happier if they are at another company. The person that prefers to take on a new challenge will be able to make sure that they are getting new challenges when they are moving jobs every so often.

Also, changing jobs often gives people the chance to learn more about the industry and to make more connections. The greater the number of connections someone has, it makes it easier for them to get more job opportunities simply because of the people that they know.

In the binary options trading industry, there are people who get the most out of the industry when they are changing jobs constantly, but there are others who want to start with a company and make their way through the ranks. Either way, the people in the industry will be able to get started with a business degree and an entry level job.

Top 9 Tips To Avoid Being Scammed By A Binary Options Broker

Top 9 Tips To Avoid Being Scammed By A Binary Options Broker

You may heard this all before however be vigilant at all times especially if you are just starting out and trading in the world of Binary Options. There are over 200 Brokers operating in the industry. We recommend eight on our homepage. Before making a deposit with a binary options broker, it is important to consider 8 factors to avoid loosing your hard earned cash.

– Be careful of brokers established in fiscal paradise: If you see that the broker’s address is located somewhere like the British Virgin Islands, or Panama for example.

free money– Be careful of aggressive companies: If the company calls you immediately after your registration and urges you to make a deposit of at least $250.

– Be careful of non-English unprofessional advisors: If the advisor speaks in poor broken English without explanations:

– Be careful of brokers who promise you the Earth! If the broker promises easy money, with high earnings in a short period of time: They re simply trying to line their own pockets and earn commissions.

– Be careful of unregulated brokers. If the binary options broker is unlicensed and is not certified by a regulatory authority.

– Be careful of brokers who don’t post any legal notices including privacy, terms of business and affiliate disclaimers on their website.

– Be careful of brokers who offer high welcome bonuses and attractive welcome offers like 100-150% bonuses.

– Be careful of brokers who require a high minimum trade volume! If the binary options broker requires you to trade 30 or 40 times before you can withdraw your earnings, it could be a scam.

– Be careful of flattery and binary options brokers who tell you that you are a perfect candidate who will be successful  to trade Binary Options. This is a ploy to extract your deposit!

Should you wish to discuss any of the above please leave a comment or call us on 033 0001 7740 for free consultation.

Why Binary Options Can Make You Fast Money From Home


In recent years, binary options trading has become more and more popular as investors look to diversify their efforts as is a great way to make money fast from home. Don’t get me wrong its not a get rich quick scheme although it could be but with the proper guidance you can earn online in excess of $500,000 per year. Like any investment opportunity, trading binary options has some risks associated with it. The key is to educate yourself in the process and the options that you prefer to trade. There are several key elements that you must happy man trading from homeproperly apprehend with a certain degree of lucidity if you want to be successful at trading binary options. The points laid out here are not meant to frighten you, but to provide the information that will ensure that you are adequately prepared to begin a successful career in binary options trading.

A Brief History

Binary options trading in the US is relatively new; it can be traced back to 2008, which is the year it was initially introduced to the public as a tradable asset. This year was a year that will never be forgotten — for more than one reason. What most people will remember about this year is that it was the year that the house of cards in the financial market came tumbling down as the subprime mortgage crisis triggered the collapse two major players in the financial market — Lehman Brothers and Bear Streams, subsequently this triggering a global financial crisis that many are still fighting to recover from.

What also happened during this year was the financial fiasco opened the door for the trading of binary options, with the asset making a popular debut and growing in popularity ever since. Although binary options didn’t make its public debut in America until 2008, the traded asset has actually been around for some time. It can be traced back more than forty years to 1973, when the trading regulations framework was not yet in place.

The binary industry has grown to more than 200 brokers that all have a share of the market based on their unique attributes.


The ability to trade on a simple yes or no as to whether the market will be up or down within a specific expiration time frame. For those who like to make wagers, this would be similar to and over and under.
There ROIs are normally extremely high — often times reaching as high as 85 percent.
The action is high paced with some expiration periods being as short as 30 minutes.
One touch trading, in which a trader can anticipate that a price will touch a specific point. Range options allow the trader to anticipate whether or not a trade will remain within a specific range.


From a risk management standpoint, binary options require a six out of 10 trades ratio in order to break even.
There are some unregulated and offshore-regulated firms that use deceptive practices in which their brokers use aliases. Most of these broker have very little experience in actually trading in the binary options market.
You must win at least 54.5 percent of the time just to break even.
95 percent of those who chose to trade alone are unsuccessful

Proper Training and Coaching

One of the most common mistakes that novice binary options traders make is attempting to learn how to trade binary options on their own. Statistics reveal that those who venture out on their own in this market have a 95 percent failure rate; however, those who use reputable coaches and trainers such as Franco with Binary Options Trading Signals Live have significantly higher success rate. This program allows you to watch a professional binary options trader in action so that you can literally follow his lead into successful trades while learning the entire process at the same time.
By using a trading coach like Franco at Options Trading Signals, you will be able to eliminate wasteful spending, such as buying unnecessary programs that are not effective and wasting money on back testing.

Using a coach will help you improve your success ratio, allowing you to transform this opportunity from a hobby that is draining money out of your pockets to a business opportunity that is generating revenue.

Binary Options – The importance of Trading a Demo Account

Binary Options – The importance of Trading A Demo Account

If you are new to Binary Options Trading you will undoubtedly want to jump straight in as we all do and trade with real money. Dont’ do it! Our advice is do not trade live for 2 or 3 days and place at least 100 – 150 demo trades. If you do trade live with real money, the likelihood is you will lose everything and be wiped out before you start. This is the worst possible scenario and unthinkable which we want you to avoid at all costs so please listen our advice. We have seen this happen on hundreds of occasions. You will need to select a reputable binary options broker to open a demo account.dolars

Now before we give you the good news here are 10 great reasons to trade Binary Options and become financially independent;

  • Great business opportunity

  • Work form home

  • Work only 2 hours a day

  • Spend more time with your family

  • Easy to set up

  • No prior experience required

  • No university or college degree required

  • Flexible hours

  • Be you own Boss

  • Only a computer & internet connection required


Is those reasons are not enough here is the good news. A demo account is free to open and can give you many advantages as a trader. It provides a no risk way for you to begin trading with a new broker and test out new theories in the marketplace. This is true whether you are a brand new binary options trader or you have years of experience. Even if you have been trading for years it is still a good discipline to demo new strategies and theories. This is life long learning and never stops.demo

Advantages Of Trading A Demo Account Are;

1. You can place as many trades as you wish. Its free to demo.

2. It does not matter if you lose. You will discover what works and what doesnt.

3. Find out who you are as a binary options trader. Are you a 30 second trader or a 1 hour trader?

4. Discover which pairs you like trading.

5. Preprograms your brain to take the right trade

Trading in any capacity can be tough and sometimes lonely, but using a demo account will give you an extra edge when it comes to making more money. Basically, a binary options demo account is exactly like real money trading. The assets and the platform remain exactly the same. All of the market conditions are the same too. The only difference is that when you trade with a demo account, you are not risking real money. In fact it doesn’t matter if you lose far more than you win. Thats a good thing when trading a demo.

Pay attention to what I am about to tell you. No matter how many demo trades you take you will never trade live the way you trade a demo. If you do, you will probably be rich beyond your widest dreams. However its human nature for your brain to be more hesitant when trading for real. The trick is to demo many times so it becomes second nature when trading live and removing all the obstacles and hurdles. You then take the trade that makes sense for all the right reasons rather than trading emotionally.

This is something that every trader needs to take advantage of. Demo trading teaches you how to use your broker’s web platform and this helps to eliminate user error. Believe it or not, many people lose money because they are unfamiliar with how to use the software that their particular broker uses. This has happened to us. I once placed a wrong trade to the value of $3000 because I selected the wrong time frame. I chose 10 minutes instead of 20 days. Luckily my sympathetic reversed the trade and returned the funds. You may not be so lucky! This does not need to happen, however, since it is really easy to avoid.

Trading with a demo account gives you a risk free setting where you can learn the intricacies of just how the platform works.  It builds your confidence. The better prepared you are to use the software, the more mechanical things will be when entering a trade. It gives you a better opportunity to just focus on the important aspects of trading, and less worry will be spent trying to figure out whether you are filling out information on the broker’s page correctly.

The majority of brokers that offer demo accounts currently will only allow you to trade demo style for a limited amount of time. Some don’t and offer an unlimited demo but no many. This prevents you from truly testing out a new trading method over the long term, but it does give you the opportunity to do some short term exploration on how your trading will look over the course of a few days. If you are trying something out for the first time, this is a big benefit. You will be able to try the new theory out and give yourself a clear picture of how to actually execute the trades that you are supposed to. You won’t know for certain if your strategy is going to be successful a year from now, but you will be able to see how the short term mechanics of the strategy work—and you won’t lose any of your own money while going through this learning process.

Demo accounts are free to open. You do—in most cases—have to open up an account with the broker and make a minimum deposit of around $200, but there is no cost to actually demo trade. If you deposit your money and then decide you don’t like the broker after giving demo trading a try, you can have your money returned to you.

Demo accounts do have a distinct downfall. Most brokers will only allow you to demo trade for an average of three days. This can limit how much you actually get out of demo trading since a long term approach is necessary for actually getting a good gauge on your levels of success. This is true even if you are trading 30 second or two minute options. Still, this type of trading gives you an advantage that you wouldn’t have otherwise, and this is definitely a good thing for all kinds of binary options traders. You may have to contact your broker’s customer service in order to gain access to the provided demo trading account. Either way opening a demo and trading it is vital to your long term success.

As a final note, do not trade alone without the guidance of a professional. To become successful you will need Binary options strategies and a good trading system. This will save and make you thousands of dollars and is worth its weight in gold! Maybe gold itself! Best of luck. Please post comments below or email us at to receive your free trading tips to achieving success.